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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Found on the web - a nasty, wrong description of my plight


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I wasn't going to use this propaganda piece until it occurred to me how
eerily similar the sniveling was to the Vivek Wadhwa op-ed on Businessweek.
Both stories are about East Europeans that have PhD degrees who are being
forced to leave the United States because they have overstayed their
welcome. Another common theme that permeates these articles is the
assumption that the United States will be far worse off if we allow
educated people to leave instead of giving them green cards so that they
can stay in the U.S. forever.

Keep in mind that Dr. Krueger was last employed as a post doc on an H-1B
visa. These jobs, as he notes, don't pay well but that's in large part to
the fact that foreigners like him are willing to take these jobs for
peanuts -- and just as importantly universities prefer their cheap labor to
American academics.

It's worth noting that he took a job that only requires a BS degree because
this type of job title switching is one of the methods employers use for
getting around prevailing salary requirements. Krueger knew the game the
university was playing but took the job anyway.

Krueger and his wife had a daughter while they were doing "research" at one
of our universities, I apologize for the cheap shot but just couldn't
resist a parting blow for Valentine's day!. He whines that he is being
forced to leave his daughter in the U.S. but never explains why he can't
take her back to Germany. Perhaps she would lose her anchor baby status if
she was repatriated to Germany. His plea for universal anchor baby rights
should be serious cause for alarm -- especially since it's the globalists
at the UN who are pushing it.

Krueger wrote the following: "Ratify the UN Convention for the Rights of
the Child, as it demands that children shall not be separated from either
parent." Instead of kowtowing to UN mandates we need to insist that
Congress needs to pass the "Citizenship Reform Act of 2007" (H.R. 133) to
eliminate the baby anchor loophole.

Krueger's tragic story and his observations about the exploitive nature of
the H-1B visa are not good arguments for increased immigration. I have
heard equally tragic stories from American PhDs that have had their lives
torn apart because they lost out in the job market to H-1B and green card
visa holders.

Let's save our sympathies for our own "best and brightest" and wish Krueger
a "Gute Reise" back to Germany! ---

My response to Mr Sanchez:

Have you even read my story that you dare ridiculing me! I seriously doubt you can even read English!

a) I have never taken a job that requires only a BS! I said that I had interviews but wasn't getting such job anyways.
b) You don't understand anything about immigration and divorce law, do you - you just want to abolish it all? I happily would take my daughter with me - but that is kidnapping my daughter from her mother and from this country. How about I say the United States immigration law has kidnapped my daughter?
c) I have NOT overstayed my welcome. I am leaving - but fighting to be back! Neither it seems that Dr. Kholodar in that story on www.businessweek.com overstayed his visa or his welcome. Only people that arrive illegally do so from the start. A scientist does not dare do that.
d) I see the deliberate phrasing of me being cheap labor while the Americans are the true academics.

In my own country people with mindsets not unlike yours will file ranks with the Neonazis who happily collaborate in that country with other thugs bent on destroying the United States and all democracy.

... you.

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