I oppose the Comprehensive Immigration Reform in its current form rewarding law breaking while evaporating ways to legally immigrate!

Saturday, June 2, 2007


From Rostock, in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania where I am from, battles between hard-core leftwing demonstrants and the police are reported, while there and elsewhere many other groups, including even the extreme right wing, are also demonstrating against the G8 summit.
I personally don't like one particular aspect of globalization. This is that the rich nations push for the free global movement of money, goods, and relocation of jobs, yet when it comes to allow the free settling of people even within this G8 or any other nation involved, they are the old protectionist school. This means, they can allow their nation's businesses to relocate production and services abroad, but they will not allow people to follow. Germany won't simply let Americans live freely in Germany, the US won't allow Germans to do that. India might take the jobs, but it probably also would not let foreigners in. Perhaps, within the EU this is now relaxed. Thus, I think the whole globalization serves only two interests in the rich nations: that of the shareholders to make more money, and that of politicians, to keep the population calm with cheap goods from far away. There is nothing noble about globalization.

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