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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Some reflections upon who looks at my posts

Both the US and Germany had long weekends. After looking at my counters, I saw that someone at a nearby German university looked at my posts. And the one next on the list gives me some hope. n021.dhs.gov = somebody at the Department of Homeland Security. Perhaps, one of my attempts to reach a politician had led to this, and I am glad it did. If that somebody looks back here, I would like to address that person directly.

Dear DHS Staffer -

I am really glad you made it here. Perhaps you work for USCIS or some other unit dealing with immigration. I can assure you I am a real person, yet I am no threat to the US. If you were asked to look at my credibility, you may wish to report this. Of course, I trust that if you need to find out more about me such as phone numbers and other details, this should not be too difficult.

20 years ago, back in the days of East German communism, I stepped into the US embassy's library / cultural center in East Berlin to have a look at forbidden books promoting freedom of thought and democratic values. I am sure that the East German Stasi secret service knew about it, and there might still be some documentation in their files. Back then, I already liked the United States as a country of freedom. I would never have thought where this would lead me to. Dear DHS Person, if you have access to the Stasi files, maybe you can even find me there.

Ironically, it might now be more difficult visiting a US embassy than under the watching eye of the Stasi, how times have changed ....

Obviously, I am aware that visitors from n021.dhs.gov frequent many websites, and there is already speculation about that to be found when typing the domain name into Google.


Just asked AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) for a position or help.

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