I oppose the Comprehensive Immigration Reform in its current form rewarding law breaking while evaporating ways to legally immigrate!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Senate comes closer to abolishing H1B

digg.com The United States Senate has yesterday taken aim to effectively destroy the H1B, slapping a 5000 Dollar fee on all new H1B as well as renewals and adjustments. While I can now be glad I will never be again an H1B slave, I can now also be sure that there is no way back to the US to my daughter through any legal immigration path. No H1B means no employment-based GC anymore either. No Green Card lottery anymore. Decreased family immigration. The US is looking ahead to a bright agricultural future as millions of skilled immigrants will now be forced to abandon the US. All in exchange for amnesty for illegals. Illegals will at the most pay a one-time penalty fee ($5000) and can then stay in the US and work in any job. H1B applications will be tagged at $5000 a shot each. I wonder why are they not honest and just say: closed door = no more foreigners can work or live for any reason in the United States from now on?
Democrats and Co have proven they are only for past illegal immigrants, and nobody is for legal immigrants.
Watch out USA for me taking aim at your human rights record even further.
I used the online contact form of Sens. Sanders, Cornyn, and Kennedy to oppose this CIR and ask for relief for international divorce families.
Michelle Malkin®, are you sleeping?

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