I oppose the Comprehensive Immigration Reform in its current form rewarding law breaking while evaporating ways to legally immigrate!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Some progress

My statistics (the counter) is giving some good news. People looked at the site coming from US governmental servers and state government servers; from the World Bank! Welcome someone at FOX News as well! Anyone in a similar boat - unite and fight! Equal treatment for illegals and legals, and family unification for everyone!

Number who supported the Open Letter as a petition: PetitionOnline Count

Looks good on Google as well, getting easier to find this story, e.g. just now "Letter President May 13" suffices to hit it on top of the list. Thank you all visitors!

PS - Dear Unknown Visitor from the Red Cross - if you work for the Red Cross, this is a humanitarian issue as well. Thank you!

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