I oppose the Comprehensive Immigration Reform in its current form rewarding law breaking while evaporating ways to legally immigrate!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Getting active

Today I have contacted Capitol Times, the liberal Madison newspaper, as well as staffers of Congressmen/women Feingold, Kohl, Kennedy, and Baldwin. Will see if the newspaper sees it fit to finally publish a letter to the editor.
Also, a copy of things posted so far is on my new site alice-dsl.net/dkruegerknox where I also plan to post all previous and future communication. Also reposted on the MSNBC Board "In the Shadow of the American Dream" (MSNBC Message Board). Mr. Tom Brokaw and US Rep. Tancredo of course did not see fit to respond about my story when I contacted them earlier.
The fight is on!
MSNBC Board:
Hi all, I am back here, now posting from Germany after the US government forced me to abandon my US citizen child. Somebody above posted that this never happens to whites, but I assure you it does.
Please browse there - those stories and blogs I am writing, and I am in touch with US senate staffers now, and will keep fighting! What a shame, not even Brazil is doing what the US is doing to foreign parents of citizens!!!!

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