I oppose the Comprehensive Immigration Reform in its current form rewarding law breaking while evaporating ways to legally immigrate!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Three Challenges

Challenge 1 - Dear Readers!

Anyone in a similar boat - I want to hear from you, read from you! Write your own stories and post them everywhere. There must be other international divorced couples that CIR will affect. There must be other people stuck by H1B regulations and families falling apart. Go fight! I am from East Germany - I tell you if I had been stuck on one side of the border and my child on the other I would have fought as well 30 years ago. I am not intimidated by the USA, you should not be either! Make your voice heard!

Challenge 2 - Dear US Media!

I think you should be ashamed if you do not report fair and balanced on both sides of issues. There isn't just the poor illegal immigrants! Liberal, conservative, progressive, whatever, none of you feel for the ones that legally tried to stay in the US. BTW Just a thought - if 12, 20 million get amnesty, how about adding just a few temporary yet flexible work visas (might just be 10.000 or so) to the parents of minor citizens if the minor citizen was born during legal stays of the parent? I could ask this the politicians who would not listen. Will you not listen either?

Challenge 3 - Dear Michelle Malkin!

You are such an avid, young, and so conservative blogger and columnist. How I hated some of your syndicated columns in the University of Tennesee student newspaper. We are about the same age. I read you have kids, too. Pick up my story, rip it apart if you wish, but pick it up! You have my e-mail, it is posted below here as well.


PS - Dear Anyone who hates the United Nations! Keep on hating them. If the US was a party to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, I would have brought a complaint against the US! This is possible for citizens of member states!

PS2 - The parent visit visas are also only for parents of citizens over 21 who sponsor that parent and post bail. Great! No nothing for somebody who is divorced and left the US and a minor child behind. Good bye! (.........) the USA. That is what I think now. And that merits points system seems to demand one has to take another TOEFL! As a PhD from a US university, too? How do you suppose I received a PhD in Biology - speaking Mandarin? No merit points either for having minor children in the US - but merit points for BEING an adult foreign child of a citizen! This is such an aweful legislation. What is such a merit about that? The word divorce doesn't even exist in the draft! Get divorced and you are out! Why is that - no divorces in the US? Immigrants never divorce? Divorce is not Christian? Or just IGNORANCE!

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