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Monday, May 21, 2007

New contacts

Today I contacted the most prestigious German news magazines, DER SPIEGEL, STERN, FOCUS, DIE ZEIT, as well as several leading father's rights organizations. This is a first step in two more directions. Soon I will follow up on calling Senate offices.

I also posted on a newspaper forum in Rochester NY: Democrat & Chronicle

I welcome the visitors from Reuters and from the US Census Bureau! Hope you can make something of it!

.... Contacted ACLU ....

Another postcript. I called the local offices of Senators Kohl and Feingold in Wisconsin. Couldn't reach my contacts, but especially calling in Middleton which was my home for so long and where my daughter lives makes me so sad. I wish they would do something for people like me. Can anyone imagine how it is to constantly live in fear on H1B because there is always no research grant to keep going much longer, then lose child and wife and home, and then legally leave, and then the country closes the door further? These were my past 4 years or so of life.

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